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St Triduana and the origins of South Leith Parish Church

In around 700 St. Rule (St Regulas) came to Scotland from the eastern Mediterranean accompanied by St Triduana. St Regulas went on to found what was later to become the town of St Andrews and it was here that St Triduana left St Regulas and went to Angus. The area where she went to was ruled over by a chieftain called Nectan and he was attracted to her. However, St Triduana was only interested in service to god an asked him what attracted him to her to which he replied "he transcindental Beauty of your eyes" to which she responded by gauging out her eyes and present them to him on a thorn.

Later St. Triduana was buried at Restalrig at which a well sprung up and it became a medieval pilgrimage site. This lead to the founding of Restalrig Church which became the Parish church for Leith up to 1560 at which point it was demolished on the orders of the General Assembly and South Leith Church became the de facto parish church for Leith (confirmed by act of parliament in 1609).