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Thank you for visiting the Scottish Family Research site. We are currently in the process of reviewing our services, website and pricing structure and would therefore be grateful if you would complete our anonymous survey.

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SINGLE RECORD SEARCH  (Cost: 10-20 Sterling) 

TRADITIONAL SEARCH (Cost: 100 Sterling )

EXTENDED SEARCH (Cost: 175 Sterling)

EXCLUSIVE SEARCH  (Cost: 295 Sterling)

SUPERIOR SEARCH (Cost: 395 Sterling)

How would you rate our costs in comparison to similar research companies?

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We have asked a lot of questions however what we would really like to know is whether or not you have any additional comments concerning our costs, services or our website in general? or suggestions as to how we can improve our service

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Scottish Family Research to thank you for your feedback. Should you wish to conduct Genealogical Research please feel free to contact our customer service to discuss your requirements