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Just a brief word of explanation before we enter the history of South Leith Parish Church, because the history is so substantive due to the large amount of recorded material this part of the site is split into two sections. The first part is a brief introduction and outline of the churches history split into seven sections of interest. Each section has a link to which one can click on for more information on the topic meant for those who have a deep or specialised interest in Local or National Scottish History.

St Triduana and the origins of South Leith Parish Church
The Origins of South Leith Church lie 1300 years ago with the coming of St Triduana to Scotland. 

The Order of the Knight Templar and the Order of the Knights of St John
Leith was a major Templar port and the Templars are believed to have built a Preceptory and hospice on the present day site of the church

The Medieval Hospice and Preceptory of St Anthony
The Hospice founded by the Knights Templar and continued by the Knights of St John which once stood at the present location of South Leith. 

The Trade Guilds (Scottish Incorporations)
The Trades organised themselves into Guilds (Unions) which had a religious founding and Founded chapels within the church.

Royal Connections
South Leith Church has had royal connections for over a thousand years indirectly and directly. 

The Church and Community
The church has worked closely in the social, educational and health matters of the town for centuries

The Church at War through the ages
Leith may look peaceful now but the hand of war has visited it many times throughout the centuries.