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We offer a number of excellent services to meet your needs...

Cost: $25-50

Looking for a specific record? then our Single Record Search is ideal for you. We can obtain uncertified copies of original Scottish birth, death and marriage certificates registered between 1855 and 1899 for a $25 fee or for those registered after 1899 for $50. Due to the possible difficulties in finding records outwith the Statutory period (i.e. before 1855) single record searches outwith the Statutory period are charged at our hourly rate of $37

The charge covers the standard Register House fees and Postage.


Cost: $250 

Ideal for those who know little of their ancestry. The Traditional search covers the period of statutory records (post 1855) and looks at one family line (male or female). 

The traditional search also allows assessment as to whether or not further research into the family line is possible should you wish to pursue the research further at a later stage. 


Cost: $450

For those who would like to know more about their Scottish family roots the Extended search covers research into one family line throughout the period of the statutory records and beyond through thorough investigation of burial records, census's, old parish records, wills etc.


The Exclusive search is a complete search into your Scottish past and covers research into both the maternal and paternal family lines throughout the period of the statutory records and beyond through thorough investigation of burial records, census's, old parish records, wills etc.
The Superior Search is the ideal gift for the relative who is fascinated by their Scottish family history. As the Exclusive search enhanced with additional information such as, copies of certificates, related maps and parish histories 


John Arthur
Scottish Family Research
392/7 Easter Rd


We are happy to discuss Payment by installments on all products over $250 

If theres a genealogy service you would like to be undertaken but our services don't meet your specifications please feel free to contact us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote

Please make all Cheques etc Payable to "Family Research"

Send known details now for a free no obligation quote.

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